What is a joker card in poker?

Initially, an additionŠ°l card (or wild card) was added as a wild card, which was added to the deck. If the player came across such a card, he could use it instead of any other card he needed to make a combination.
In modern games, most often jokers consider all the cards of a certain value. For example, in one of the variations of draw poker, jokers are considered all the cards of the value of a community card that is dealt open on the table.
Very often, deuces are appointed by jokers. They are also called “wild twos.” If 2 jokers are required for a game, then two-blacks or so-called “one-eyed” jacks (peak and heart) are more often chosen.
How does the probability of making winning combinations change?
The calculation of the probability of obtaining combinations changes drastically. In addition, the joker in poker greatly changes the value of some card combinations. For example, if it is decided to count as a joker two, then the probability of getting a triple increases, compared with 2 pairs. In this case, the flash will fall out less often than the square. For example, if a player has one pair and a joker has come, then it is no longer necessary to make two pairs, because a joker can join an existing pair and thus add a set that will be more profitable than two pairs.
However, couples cannot be called less valuable, although the probability of their falling out in a game with a joker is much lower than when there is no joker.
Continuing the discussion on the topic of probability, it is worth noting that at a table of 5-6 players most often the winning combination will be a set consisting of aces, one of which is the joker card. You also need to understand that the natural combination will be weaker than the same combination, but with one or two twos. After all, having two in your hand reduces their number in the deck for other players, thereby reducing the likelihood of getting a joker for them. In other words, if there are 4 jokers in the hand, of which you have none, then there is no point in claiming a win. The highest probability to get the bank will be from the player who managed to collect at least a set. If your combination is weaker, then you shouldn’t call.

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