Psychological analysis of the problem in poker

The ability to play poker for beginners is only 30% of success. In percentage terms, the psychology of the game is much more important. Psychological facto includes: self-control, dedication, perseverance, the desire for development, the ability to suppress emotions, even with large lesions. Without these qualities you will not be able to earn a decent poker.
Bad beat
Even with a good hand, you can easily lose, for example, if the opponent collects a gutshot or backdoor draw. When the other opponents reveal the cards, you can see that many of them also had good hands. When playing poker with real opponents or online experience will teach not to pay attention to such failures, because the more players sitting at the table, the greater the likelihood that such a situation will develop.
It should be understood that this situation is a matter of chance. We cannot guess the cards that will come on the turn and river, so we just need to keep the bet. The problem is that when a player loses in such a case, he can take it very hard. Sitting at the gaming table, you need to immediately hack yourself on the nose: poker is an unfair game. And the bad beats are more likely to happen with good players. If the player is not experienced, then he goes all-in with only one gutshot. That is why he will never be a favorite.
Playing with experienced players gives a lot more experience than playing with weak ones. If you play first with strong players, and then go to a game with weak players, you can notice in practice that the bad beats are perceived much more calmly.
The cooler is much worse than the bad beat. With him, a player with a strong hand loses to an opponent with a stronger hand. In order to cope with this situation, you need to try to calculate the combinations of the opponent’s cards. You can not draw conclusions based on the behavior of the enemy only with one hand. In fact, the options for the possible hands of the enemy is not so much. It is important to determine not the combination held by the opponent, but those that he could use in this case. A bluff is calculated in the same way. If a situation arises in which it is possible to get a cooler, then you need to try to put yourself in the place of your opponent, and think about how he would behave in your situation.

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