Opponent control in open Chinese poker

Opеn Chinеse poker, like any other kind of poker, has its own peculiarities in the construction of tasks. However, the main task in the open Chinese poker is to build your own hand. Of course, it depends not only on the player himself, but also on many other factors, for example, such as the game of the enemy.
As in other types of this game, Chinese poker is a standoff. Opponents are ordinary players with different levels of the game. However, it depends on the correct perception of the game of the opponent exactly how a successful hand can be collected. This fact will significantly affect the ability to make money on poker.
In total there are three boxes on which this can be done. But this article will consider only what will help to get supremacy over your opponent on the top box.
Control of the opponent in the top box
The top box must be considered, since most of the mistakes made by players are made on it. Sometimes, as a result of an incorrect poker strategy, a large number of errors on the top box leads to the fact that he goes to his opponent. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the game skills of your opponent. If your opponent is prone to mistakes and reckless play, then it is best to overcome it on the top box.
In addition, there is another reason why the enemy is easier to beat on the top box. The fact is that the top box increases the risk. Therefore, most of the players no longer follow their opponents and focuses solely on their own hand. Therefore, even if the cards in your hand are very small, the enemy simply will not notice this, and this can be used against him. However, care must be taken not to make the same mistake. You need to keep an eye on your hand, but it cannot be turned into fanaticism.
When excessive attention to one’s own hand develops into fanaticism, the following error occurs. Many players, giving too much importance to the top box, forget the importance of the middle and bottom box. As a result – the transfer of all major cards in the top box. Of course, this will have a positive effect on the game on the top box, but you can not hope to win in other lines. To such an error, the enemy can be forced. It is only necessary to place the largest card in the top box. When the enemy sees this, he will be taken in excessive risk, in the desire to beat her.

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