Card joker and power combinations

Before the start of the game, it is necessary to decide how the combinations made with or without the joker will be assessed. There are two scenarios:
Cоmbinations with a joker are estimated in the same way as those that are composed without him. Those. The joker essentially just performs the function of replacing any card.
A cаmbination without a joker is stronger than a similar combination made with a joker. If both combinations contain jokers, then the one with the jokers is smaller.
Also, before the beginning of the distribution, players decide another important question: which poker joker cards can replace, namely: the joker replaces only those cards that the player does not have, or can he duplicate the existing cards? The most reasonable solution is this: the joker replaces any cards, except for those cards that are already in the hands of the player. However, some players think differently, arguing that a joker can replace absolutely any card.
If we assume that the joker replaces absolutely any card, then a new question arises: how will a combination of 5 cards of the same value be evaluated? For example, how 4 nines and a joker will be appreciated, i.e. 5 nines? Some players consider the combination of 5 cards to be the highest. Others consider her second best after a flash royal. However, if you count the probabilities, then the second option is less logical, since if there is one joker in the deck, the likelihood of making a flash royal is higher than the probability of making a combination of five cards of the same value.
There is also another controversial point: how to treat a flush with 2 or 3 aces?
Thus, the card joker makes the game very diverse.
Continuing the discussion on the topic of probability, it is worth noting that at a table of 5-6 players most often the winning combination will be a set consisting of aces, one of which is the joker card. You also need to understand that the natural combination will be weaker than the same combination, but with one or two twos. After all, having two in your hand reduces their number in the deck for other players, thereby reducing the likelihood of getting a joker for them.

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